School Programs

A critical element of the Audain Art Museum’s mandate is to engage students with historical and contemporary art from British Columbia.

Living in one of the most diverse areas of the world, visual art from our region reflects the dynamic and powerful natural and cultural elements that our lives are comprised of. We encourage you to explore and make curricular links with your students to build a lasting relationship with the visual arts.

In addition to the programs outlined below, we offer a range of custom programs for elementary, secondary and post-secondary visits and are happy to collaborate with you to create a unique offering to support inquiry based learning.

For more information, please contact Kylie Millar, Program Assistant at:

Guided Programs

The Audain Art Museum’s school programs have been designed to complement the new BC Curriculum in focusing on big ideas, content, curricular competencies and cross-curricular learning. Set amongst the powerful and inspiring art of our province these programs include engaging exhibition tours that are complemented by specialized art workshops, enabling students to critically and creatively express their own identity, voice and ideas. All programs are suitable for grade 2-7.

Understanding Abstraction

There are many ways to see the natural environment around us. In this program students will explore strategies for looking at and responding to a variety of non-representational artworks housed in the Museum. By looking, thinking, discussing and creating works of abstract art students will be introduced to new ways of looking at and approaching subject matter. Using a variety of different techniques such as drawing, collage, and mixed media, students will feel supported in the exploration of their own creativity.

Copper, Cedar and Wool: Explore Art from Northwest Coastal First Nations

Students will explore how historic and contemporary BC Coastal First Nations artists have used their knowledge and respect of natural materials to create timeless works of art. Through direct comparison and observation, students will discover the elements, materials and stories found within these artworks and how they have transformed over time, while also having the opportunity to creatively express their own identity in our art-making Studio.

People, Places and Ideas

Students will explore a variety of artworks including landscapes, abstracts, photography, carvings and installations by BC artists while thinking about how the principles of art and design are used to express stories and issues related to life in coastal British Columbia. Students will engage in meaning making through deep observation, critical thinking and dialogue in response to various works of art.

Booking Details

Guided school programs can be booked on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am – 12 pm during the school year.

To book your school program, please fill out our Booking Request Form.

Our Program Team will respond to you request within 48 hours. Once you have received a confirmation letter, your booking date is now secured. We do require 2 weeks advance notice for all cancellations, otherwise the full amount estimated on the original confirmation will be charged.

Costs and Payment

The cost for a two hour guided program is $175 for a class of up to 30 students. Adult chaperones at a 1:10 adult to student ratio will receive free admission to the museum. Adult chaperones over this ratio must be approved by the Audain Art Museum and will be charged admission.

Self-Guided School Tours

Looking for a self-directed option for your students? You can book your class for this tour option by filling out our Booking Request Form or by contacting Kylie Millar, Program Assistant at

Please note: Self-guided tours are free for museum members and for children age 16 & under. Regular adult admission rates do apply. We request that you have a 1:8 supervisory adult to student ratio for all self-guided tours.

Art Matters

Visual arts in Canada play an important role in ensuring a healthy democratic society.

Canada Council for the Arts has identified a variety of ways that cultural activities positively impact our lives, including increasing:

  • Pleasure and happiness
  • Community development and social cohesion
  • Local identity and image
  • Youth and education
  • Civic support for public spending on the arts
  • Arts Participation
  • Health
  • Economic development
  • Personal skills and knowledge
  • Municipal planning

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